Can You Dig It?

It is important to capture the everyday moments of life, as well as the not so everyday. As humans we commemorate weddings, funerals, birthdays, birth itself, but what about the big events of life that aren't so typical. Many couples will document the purchase of their first home, but what about the building of a home? Some might, some might not. I snapped a few shots here and there when our home was being built, but I didn't commemorate in any meaningful way and I think that was a mistake.

Enter the dig. My sister and her family have been waiting for the construction on their house to begin for almost a year now. Weather delays, city red tape, and a host of other reasons have delayed the process, until yesterday it was finally begun with the digging of their foundation. I was asked to commemorate the occasion, by taking some pictures of the kiddos digging in the dirt of their soon to be home, almost as if they had dug the foundation themselves. These images have a place of honor in the laundry room, where all dirt is washed away. Sounds like the perfect place to me.

The experience was fun and different. Of course not everyone needs to have a professional photographer come out and do it, but I would encourage to make a big deal of these types of moments so as to remember them always.

These are super cute in color, but I was requested that they be in black and white. To see some of the color shots check out my gallery.

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