Albion Basin

I have heard fabulous things about the wild flowers in Albion Basin for a long time, but we have never managed to make it up there. This year, I made a goal that it would happen and designated this past Sunday as the day. Then I received some sad news about a friend and past fellow co-worker. Death is never an easy thing to deal with and the news came as quite a shock. My husband and I decided to proceed as planned. We figured it was as good a time as any to be close to nature and so, after church, we headed out.

In spite of a mountain thunderstorm, it was everything I had been told and more. Actually I think the thunderstorm added to the experience. The place is crawling with people, especially on the weekends, but the rain cleared some of the crowd. Nothing quite compares with the sights, sounds or smells of a mountain rainstorm. I am certain, in fact, that heaven smells like the mountains did that afternoon. In the midst of that rainstorm we found beauty, peace and rejuvenation. I managed to snap a few quick photos of my kiddos too.

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