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This is going to be the first in a series of location posts. It is one of the things that clients struggle with the most. Everyone wants something different. Some want an urban feel, while others want something more natural. A few people even want the best of both worlds. Luckily there are plenty of options to choose from. So let's start with Davis County.


Jensen Nature Park

Jensen Nature Park is located on Bluff Road, just north of Gentile St. It has a pond, trail, fountain, a wide variety of native plants and beautiful mountain views. While I wouldn't put it at the top of my list of favorite locations, it can be a convenient option for those on the west side of the county.

Antelope Island

Antelope Island is located at the bottom of Antelope Drive. It offers a wide variety of scenery and epic sunsets. Due to the presence of biting gnats. This location is best in early spring, late summer and fall. A $10 fee per car load applies to this location.


Shoreline Preserve

Located at the end of 3200 W in Layton (just off of Gentile). The Shoreline Preserve offers an ever changing scenery with impeccable views of the Wasatch and Oquirrh Mountains, as well as Antelope Island. Boardwalks and unique structures dot the landscapes and you'll probably even see some interesting wildlife.

Layton Commons Park

Layton Commons Park is located in the heart of the city adjacent to Layton High. Huge trees, grass, a stream, pond and bridges offer a variety of backdrops year round.

Hobbs Pond/Kays Creek Trail

Is located in East Layton near 193 and the Layton Christian Academy. It has become on of my favorite locations for both photography and spending time with my family.


Main Street

Old Main Street in Kaysville offer a more urban feel. Several high character options provide numerous portrait opportunities.

Barnes Park

Located west of the freeway on 200 North Barnes offers a similar to Layton Park with large trees, a creek and bridges.

Bonnevile Shorline Trail

The shoreline trail is located at the top of 200 North. This is a beautiful location year round, but especially in the fall.

Utah House, Utah State Extension and Ponds

I love this location because of the variety it offers. It is beautiful year round.

Nichols Rd Trail

This trail is located near the bottom of Nichols Rd. It is something of a hidden gem in the middle of Kaysville.


Farmington Pond

The pond is located at the mouth of Farmington Canyon. It is fairly secluded and quite and offers several scenery options depending on the time of day.

Lagoon Trail

The location of this trail speaks for itself. It runs behind Lagoon Amusement Park and tends to be very busy in the fall.

Woodland Park

Woodland Park is located at 300 South 200 East. It has a wide open grassy field, trees, trails and an amphitheater.

Farmington Bay

Farmington Bay changes year round. It is a beautiful location in both winter and summer and offers stunning views of the Wasatch Mountains.


Main Street

Main Street in Bountiful has lots of charm. For that hometown feel it is a great choice.

Bountiful Pond

This location is adjacent to Legacy Highway in West Bountiful and is similar to Jensen Nature Park, Farmington Bay and Farmington Pond.

Additional Locations

Rail Trail

The D and RGW Rail Trail stretches through the heart of Davis County from Roy to West Bountiful. Best times for use are summer and fall.

Your Own House

Your house can be a great location for portraits.

I am always open to new locations, so if you have a place you really love, let me know.

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