Hobbs Pond Mini-Sessions

Here is a sneak peak of some of my mini sessions. My first location was Hobbs Pond. I only recently discovered it, but it has quickly become a new favorite, not just for me, but my family as well.

This family came to me as a referral from a friend. I love referrals for so many reasons. One of the biggest is that I get to meet new people. Because they are so quick mini-sessions make it difficult to get to know people very well, but I really enjoyed this sweet family. Before the session she had questions about their clothing choices. I don't know why she was worried, I absolutely adored the colors that they chose. I mean, they totally rocked it. Afterward, I told her that she could style all of my clients. The colors are just fantastic!

I have to say, love this family (below), so it didn't really seem like work. I have know Melissa and crew for a few years. They were in my LDS ward until a recent boundary split and I have to say that out of all the people we lost, I was the saddest to see them go. Melissa and I had the opportunity to work together for a few month before and she is just the sweetest person. Her husband helped mine move a gigantic tree when we first moved it. I don't think we ever thanked him properly for that. He has a great sense of humor and their kids are a good mix of them both. They were fantastic work with and we had a great time. Most importantly, I am so pleased with the final results.

The youngest has the best "cheese" face ever. Melissa told me that people often ask if he is sad or crying in photos, the answer is no, that is just the face he makes when you take a picture of him. I say it couldn't be more perfect.

Finally, this sweet family. I've know Hali for a long time, so it was great to get to meet her whole family. They seem to have a genuine affection for each other that radiates from them, as well as a great sense of humor. (Seriously, she is one of the funniest people I know.) Everyone was so cooperative, even the little ones and I love the summer vibe they chose.

Big brothers are what every little girl should have and these brothers are no exception. They were so sweet with their little sisters and helped them to follow my instructions and stay on task.

These two are just chock full of girly sweetness.

If you want to see images from their sessions they can be viewed in the gallery.

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