So we have discussed makeup and what to wear, now lets talk a little bit about overall grooming and why it matters. In the age of Photoshop, people have a tendency to think anything can be fixed. And there may be some pros out there with mad skills that can do just about anything. I am not one of those people. Sure, I can do a lot when it comes to editing, but I make a concerted effort to get as much as possible done in camera so that I don't have to. I prefer my photos to be as natural as possible and let's face it, I am a photographer, not a Photoshop artist. (If that is what you are looking for, I am not for you and that's OK.) I want to spend my time during your session creating memories and images that will last a lifetime. When I go home, I have a family and other responsibilities that also require my time. Photo processing is already much more involved than people realize. As much as I love photography, I don't want to spend an extra hour or two trying to de-wrinkle your shirt or getting that booger out of your kid's nose. Aside from the fact that the latter is incredibly gross, it is also time consuming and the results can be mixed. My feelings aside, you will be happier with the results if you come at your absolute best. You will feel more confident and relaxed and it will show. Women, especially struggle with those concepts anyway, so help yourself out and come ready to rock your session with the grooming tips below.


1- Eyebrows- you need two of them and they shouldn't look like they could fly away on their own.

2- Trim your nose hair every week and make sure to do it the day of your session.

3- Ear and stray neck hair also needs to be attended to.

4- Don't forget the ear wax.

5-Dandruff is nobody's friend

6-If you are due for a haircut, get it done one week before your session.

7- Know which hair products work for you and use them.

8- Groom your beard-beards are very trendy right now and I am sure yours is awesome. Just make sure it is neat and tidy.

9- If you are a hairy fella, make sure to trim any stray chest hair so it isn't hanging out of the neck of your shirt.

10- Keep your nails short and clean. Dirty, long fingernails don't work.

11-Chapped lips are not sexy. Neither is dry skin, so use a little moisturizer and chap stick.

12-Avoid getting sunburned prior to your session so as to avoid the lobster look and peeling skin. Sunscreen is your friend gentlemen.


1-Keep your nails short, clean and neutral-colored. Bold nails can be very distracting in a photo.

2-Two words Oompa Loompa, so just say no to self-tanner.

3-Be wary of the spray tan. I recently spoke to a photographer who had a client with a spray tan gone wrong. If you do opt for one schedule it far enough in advance of your session that it can be fixed by a professional if something goes awry. Fixing it in Photoshop is a nightmare.

4-Shave your legs if they are going to be seen. That goes for armpits as well.

5-Eyebrows-just like men, you should have two. They should be neat, but not too thin.

6-Dandruff isn't your friend either.

7-Any unwanted facial hair should be tweezed, waxed or otherwise removed, especially if you are self-conscious about it.

9-Don't try a new hairstyle on the day of your photo. If you are planning on a new cut, do so one month before your session.

10-Eye bags are never attractive. Neither is ear wax.

11-Skin and lips should be moisturized.

12-Avoid getting sunburned prior to your session. It isn't the kind of "glow" you want. Peeling skin isn't too pretty either.


1-Faces and especially noses should be clean. This includes ears.

2-Skin and lips should be moisturized.

3-Hair should be groomed and styled.

4-Avoid sunburns.

5-Clothes should be comfortable.

General tips for everyone

1-Teeth should be clean! I can't state this strongly enough. Trying to edit someone's gross teeth, might be worse than booger removal. So please, for your sake and mine, please practice good dental hygiene and make sure your kids do too.

2-Clothes should also be clean, pressed and fit properly. If you can see those spots or wrinkles, so can my camera.

3-Generally speaking, if you can see them belts and shoes should match. This is especially true for men and formal attire.

4-Shoes matter. I know I have said it before, but I am going to say it again. Please do not wear bright colored or distracting shoes. They should also be neat and clean. No one is saying they have to be brand new, but if your toe is sticking out and shouldn't be you might want to wear something else.

5-Last, but certainly not least, make sure your pockets are free from bulky items.

I know this seems like common sense stuff, but you would be surprised how often I, or others I know, have encountered issues. Just remember when you look good, you feel good.

Check out my other session tips on the blog or see my client page .

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