A Few More Mini Session Highlights

I had the privilege of working with a few more long time friends and their kiddos. I've know both these lovely ladies since jr. high and have more fond memories of them than I could put into words, learning to drive, chasing boys, getting chased by boys, ice cream at Arctic Circle and sandwiches at Tasty's, freeze outs, first dances, first dates, first jobs. The list is practically endless and some of my fondest memories involve the two of them.

Since then, they have both faced challenges bigger than anyone would hope for. They have become such examples to me of courage and strength in the face of those challenges and I am honored to know them.

I met April in my 8th grade math class and we became fast friends. It would be safe to say that my life changed when I met her. My friendships and school experiences would never be quite the same and we had a lot of fun together. She was diagnosed with cancer several months ago and has been an amazing example of strength and positivity throughout. She is constantly finding ways to help and serve others when it would be so easy to focus inward. Thankfully, her treatments thus far have been successful and things are looking good. This world is better for her and it was such a privilege to photograph her children.

This guy is a stud. I put that crate down and showed him what I wanted him to do and he did it so well; I think he may be the perfect candidate for modeling kids clothes.

I get the impression that she is a little bit sassy and a little bit sweet. She is certainly full of fun energy and had me laughing.

This girl is sweet and a little on the shy side. I just love those amazing freckles and that sweet smile.

Teenage boys, what can I say? They can be a challenge. There is something that seems to shut them right down when you ask them to look at a camera and smile. A little coaxing usually does the trick and if all else fails you can always ask them if there are any cute girls at school. Either you'll get a smile or the stink face, but either way it's a keeper. ;) He is a good kid though and it didn't take too much work to reveal those pearly whites.

I met Stacey in ninth grade. Summer after sophomore year we got jobs together at a local amusement park and became almost inseparable. We had some crazy adventures together and she even helped teach me how to drive a manual transmission. She too has face several health challenges, but continues to move forward and make the most out of things. I know it hasn't always been easy, but she does it. In February, after many years of waiting and hoping, they added a sweet baby girl to their family. It was my privilege to photograph her after her birth and it was so fun to get to do it again now that she is a little older.

He was pretty easy going and cooperative and it definitely shows here.

It can be easy to get wrapped up in the technical and I stress about my work so much. I have been trying to take some more candid and natural looking photos during my sessions though. The candid shots have always some of my favorites and I have been trying to incorporate those moments into my sessions more. This family moment was so sweet, I am so glad I was able to capture it.

This is one of my all time favorites! The light, that sweet face. I love it. It was totally worth almost being run over by a mountain biker. :(

Another one of those teen/tween boys. He made me work for it, but it was well work that handsome smile of his.

To see more of their sessions, check out my gallery.

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