Fall Bucket List

It has been a couple of years since I have devoted a lot of time to taking fall photographs just for me. I love fall. It is one of my favorite times of year, but it is also one of my busiest. Everyone wants that fall color or has waited until the last minute and want family photos for Christmas cards. This year is no exception, but I decided that I am just going to do it anyway; set that time aside and take the photos that I want to take. My kids seem to grow faster every year and my time with them is so precious, so I have to document those times with them as much as possible. Admittedly these photos with probably be relegated to the back burner until I have finished up with all my clients, but I will have them and that is what matters.

I've tried to come up with a list of things I want to photograph. They are probably pretty typical items that come to mind when one thinks of fall, but I have thrown a few other items in there as well. As I complete my list I will add my photos here along with a few old favorites. (Time permitting.) Feel free to follow along.

Pumpkins or pumpkin patch

I took this photo of my daughter just after her little sister was born. We needed to get out of the house and pumpkins sounded like fun that I could handle. It is still one of my favorites.

This year my pumpkin patch wasn't that great, so I took the kids back to pick a pumpkin. My son has always had a thing for unusual pumpkins. It seems that no matter how old he gets, that doesn't change. It is kind of comforting as I think they all grow so much faster then I can stand. My oldest daughter has to have the biggest pumpkin she can find, that looks a lot bigger now then it did when she was five. The other two don't ever seem to know what they want, but they sure had fun figuring it out.

Thank goodness for big brothers!



Corn stalks

This is a composite that I put together for a class I took a few years ago. My teacher hated fall, but she told me that my photos made her see why some people love it. Ha, ha. This is actually corn stalks overlaid with a photo of leaves.


Something silly

Taken with my Samsung Galaxy 7

It is definitely more fun to play in the leaves than it is to rake them up.

Something sweet

Something spooky

Trick or treating


I honestly didn't know where to put these, because well, they are something all their own.




A reflection

The moon

The moon is a tricky subject. I still haven't perfected it, but every now and then I get lucky.

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