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Now that you know a little bit about I got here, I better properly introduce myself. Aside from being a photographer, I am also a wife, mother, sister and daughter. In addition to my amazing husband and busy children, I have a dog, two rabbits and a small flock of chickens. I am an avid reader, history buff, nature lover, gardener, dreamer and doer of many things.

I have BA in History and Political Science from WSU. History was always my first love, but I initially sought a minor in dance. Two kids and a bad back later, that had to change and it was difficult for me. Sometimes, when I see others dance, it hurts because I wish I could still be doing that too. But, life goes on and we aren't young forever. Since then I have found new things that I love almost as much. Besides photography, I absolutely love to cook. You will often find me tweaking or testing new recipes. In 2014 it was suggested that I avoid gluten as a method of managing my constant migraines. That has been a challenging journey all on its own. (In my opinion if you can tell it is gluten free then you are doing something wrong.) It was intimidating at first, but it is something I have applied myself to and I am now almost completely migraine free. Yay!

Once of my favorite aspects of photography is the candid shot. I find joy in the little every day moments and that is what I strive to capture in my photography. I love a good straight forward shot, but the ones that really tug at my heart strings are the shots that sneak in when no one knows I am watching. I believe that, like these moments, photography offers us a glimpse into the soul. That is one of the reasons why I prefer natural light. People are my forte, but I dabble in other subjects as well. One day we dream of having a cabin in the woods somewhere and it is my goal to have a stunning collection of landscapes and wild animals to fill it with.

Anyway, I hope this helps you get to know me better. I look forward to meeting you in person.

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