Spooky Pumpkins and Creepy Ghosts

Happy Halloween! Here are a few extra tips to make your Halloween extra haunting.

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1. Turn out the lights and turn off your flash.

2. Use a tripod to eliminate camera shake. In the dark and without a flash it is a good idea to use a time or remote as well or up your ISO. Just keep in mind this increases noise.

3. Pay attention to where you’re taking your pumpkin’s portrait and eliminate any elements that distract from your photo.

4. Have fun with those pumpkin photos. It may involve playing a little game of “freeze”. I count "1, 2, 3, freeze!" They have to freeze and stay perfectly still. This helps ensure that you won't have a blurry photo.

5. Don't forget to capture the before photos. I took most of these with my phone. It limits what I can do, but the camera is decent. Besides, my kids don't always need to feel like they are living in a photo session. Sometimes the most important thing is to just capture (and be in) the moment.

How to Capture Ghosts

It has been a crazy Halloween season, so I did this on the fly and not at the cemetery I would have preferred. It is better if you can find an old cemetery with big trees so that there is a lot of even shade. You can use other locations as well, it doesn't have to be a cemetery. Other than that the basics are the same. If I get a chance I will do a few more to add later.

1. Use a neutral density filter.

2. Set your shutter speed for 8 seconds

3. Use a low ISO

4. Adjust your aperture until you have a good reading on your light meter. It may be f8 or it may be f22 depending on your camera, lighting etc.

5. Have your subject stand in the frame.

6. Focus and press the shutter button. A remote comes in really handy to avoid camera shake.

7. Have your subject count to 4 then run out of the frame. (Sometimes I do five for a little more substantial ghost.) In this instance, I used a gray sheet. I have also photographed my daughter in a white dress. There are several options that work.

Voila! You have a scary apparition.

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