Sweet Family Mini-Session

When you spend a lot of time with families you learn to pick up on their vibe. Some are tense, some are stressed or having a bad day. These things happen to all of us and we can't control every circumstance. As a photographer, you have to help them through that so that their session turns out the way they want it to. At other times it seems like the stars align and everything turns out great.

This session was one of the latter, although I am not going to lie, I was a little nervous on my way up to our location because it was looking kind of cloudy and I was afraid that it would be too cold for their little one. They were totally prepared though and she was a great sport in spite of the chilly weather.

Keeping warm in between shots

This session was also special to me for another reason. I got to take little bits photos when she was a baby. Then they moved away for a few years. I was so excited and honored to have the opportunity to photograph them again. Adam is also my husbands childhood (lifelong) friend.

Back to reading vibes. I can often get a sense of how a family relates to each other, which siblings squabble, which ones are best friends, that kind of thing. This family is pure sweetness. Their love for each other was so evident and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This sweet girl was a much longed for addition to their family. It was a lot of fun, especially since I have rarely seen this soft side of Adam. I am used to something a little more sarcastic. ;) To top it all off their session went off without a hitch.

Just look at the way they all look at each other!

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