The Best Thanksgiving Photo Tip

I am going to give you one tip for great Thanksgiving photos, put the camera away. Yep. Just put it away and live in the moment. Enjoy the time with your family, soak it all in and take this time to be present. Be present for your kids, your spouse, your brothers and sisters, your mom and dad or whoever you share the holiday with. And be present for you. Show those you care about how much you truly love them by giving them the gift of your time. I would even suggest you put away the smart phone or other electronic device. Chances are you will create better memories. You might regret not having a photo or two (I doubt it will be much) but you will regret the memories you could have made if you were focused on the people around you and I don't mean through your camera! ;) Trust me, I've done it both ways and this year, I am leaving the camera at home. Thanksgiving is about gratitude, family, laughter and of course, delicious food, so enjoy all of it with your whole heart. Happy Thanksgiving!

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