It's Great to Be Eight

My daughter turned eight recently and I wanted to take some special baptism photos for her. It hasn't been the best winter for snow around here. I don't necessarily want a blizzard, but a little precipitation would be most welcome. Anyway, I waited for a month to be able to take her out and have some fun. She is my winter baby after all and snow seemed appropriate. Luckily for us, it always seems to snow around her birthday. This storm came the day after and we were ready. I ordered this cheap little cloak from Amazon. I did it for two reasons: one, I knew it would be cold and two, I loved the contrast it provided to the snow. We also got a few straight forward shots at the state capitol and Temple Square to mix things up a bit, but the snow shots are by far my favorite. This is such a fun age and I really enjoyed our snowy little adventure together.

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